Friday, July 30, 2010

Cricut Circle Christmas ornament

I put Christmas trees up in every room during the holiday and in my craft room this yr I will be using a Cricut theme. I got the idea of using filler material from Sassylady on the mb. I shrunk my certificate and adhered to the square glass ornament using my xyron. I filled it with filler paper from my circle box. (it needs a little more paperr in it) I think it is cute but will NEVER use the square ornaments like this again. The top hole is way to small.
I also filled the round ornaments with the filler material as well. I tried to etch on the ornaments but it would not take so I will be adding some vinyl on the outside and a little extra bling to the ornaments.


  1. They look just lovely. Isn't this just the neatest and quickest project. So glad you came by to visit me!

  2. heheheh.. what a great way to commemorate the 'circle'.. plus it made me smile! :)