Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teacup and stick pin swaps

I really had a great time recently joining some stick pin swaps. One was a teacup pin cushion swap and one was a stick pin swap. I found this "teacup" at TJ Maxx. It originally was a paperclip holder I believe and thought it was Perfect!! I used some Christmas rubons for the ornaments on the cup and also added a metal tag to the front. I created the cushion from plain red fabric and batting and a styrofoam ball and glued it into the cup. Made the pins using 3 in flower pins and beads. SOme from Oriental trading and some I got from a bead sale at Michaels.
This is the one I made for the stick pin swap and didnt require a tea cup. I made a noteholder for the pins for this one. I ran foam through my zyron and cut to size and layered to hold the pins. I wrapped ribbon around the foam to cover the edges of the foam and glued in the note holder and used red ribbon to hold it closed.
Closed view of stick pin holder
This is a picture of the pin cushion I received back in my swap. I havent yet received the other swap back but will post that once I do (should be next week) I sent mine early as I had to mail a bunch of things so thought that would be ok.
Stick pins are soooo easy to make and alot of fun. I will definately be going more of these to add to some of my Christmas cards this year!!

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  1. How ADORABLE!!! OK, so you are going to enable me to want to get into stick pins. GEEEEEZZZ...as if I don't already have enough stuff LOL! I love how you made little trees and snowmen out of them...just love them!!! Looking forward to seeing you again in Greenville!